City Eye Optometry

City Eye Optometry


Engaging care

Personality is our specialty. From the second you step in the door we want you to feel welcomed and supported in all steps of your experience. Whatever your questions, our doctors are here to answer them.

Rapid Scheduling

Your time is our utmost priority. City Eye offers same day appointments that can be scheduled both online and in person. Eye exams are often completed in less than 30 minutes without leaving out quality. Don’t just schedule an appointment for yourself, bring the entire family!

State of the art technology

The clarifye digital eye exam provides results like no other. Our equipment provides ultra precise measurements to capture both eye disease and refractive error that are often left undetected by out of date methods. With our latest devices, we are often able to do this in a matter of seconds, without the use of uncomfortable eye drops and bright lights.

Ultramodern experience